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Getting Started

Griffinwood Tutor Center is open for tutoring and classes year-round.

We offer free introductory art classes so you and your child can experience our center and meet some new friends before deciding to enroll with us.

One of our first steps is to conduct an assessment to identify how a child is really doing on a given subject. Often, in the case of a student who needs tutoring, the subject or area he seems to be having trouble with is not actually the problem. The problem involves an earlier point in his studies, and the student will not do well until that point is found and cleared up. Students can hardly be expected to progress in their studies if they are missing key basics or hopelessly stuck in an area of confusion!

Our assessments are low-key and relaxed so that students feel comfortable answering questions. We use the results to create a plan for filling any gaps and getting your child back on track.

We’ll go over the tutoring plan with you and answer any questions.

Contact us  to find out more and let us know what kind of assistance you are looking for. To speak to one of our tutors or schedule a tour of our center, call (657) 267-0101.

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