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Griffinwood is Unique

Most parents would agree that the primary focus of education should be helping students to fully understand and be able to use what they learn out in the real world. Studying to pass a test or “parrot” back memorized information violates the true purpose of learning.

If your child isn’t doing well in his or her studies, or you as a parent could use assistance from experienced educators as you “navigate the homeschool waters,” we are here for you.

Every student is unique, and it is up to a tutor, teacher or parent to find the best way to communicate lessons and concepts to that particular student rather than present the same information in the same format to every child.

All of us need to know how to access information and make sense of it, yet hardly anyone is taught how to learn. At Griffinwood, we use a breakthrough study method that has helped many thousands of students in over 1000 schools and centers in more than 68 countries.

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What We Do

Today, Griffinwood Tutor Center welcomes homeschoolers and other students for tutoring one-on-one and in small group settings. Our morning session focuses on phonics, reading and writing (including penmanship), and math. During the afternoon session, science, history, geography, art and other subjects are offered on a revolving schedule, allowing parents to choose according to their child’s needs. We also hold classes in study and dictionary skills, life skills and special subjects. For example, students can learn about their human rights as well as how to make good choices.

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