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Learning How To Learn

Preparing Young People in the Information Age

We are passionate about helping students with their studies. We ensure there is real comprehension of materials as well as hands-on practical application. We empower students by gradiently increasing their own awareness, in themselves, of certain barriers to study that are known to prevent understanding.

Typically, kids are told what to learn, but rarely are they taught how to learn.

When children are taught the basic elements of successful study, they become more self-sufficient as students, take greater initiative for learning and their responsibility for their own education increases.


The ability to educate oneself is a hallmark of future success and happiness.

At Griffinwood, children learn this ability through a breakthrough in education called the Study Technology™.

Study Technology isn’t “just another system.” It doesn’t involve study tips or gimmicks like speed-reading or memory tricks.

Study Technology is rooted in the fundamental laws of education and provides students with an understanding of the learning process itself. It’s a practical, common sense methodology. Through its use, students of any age can recognize and handle the precise barriers that prevent comprehension and the ability to apply what one is trying to learn.

Students who read to the bottom of a page and “forget” what they’ve just read, who feel bored or frustrated with study, who act out or misbehave, or want to give up on a subject altogether, can normally be found to have hit one of these barriers to learning.

Every one of these issues can be resolved with the Study Technology.

Moreover, when students discover these solutions, they know to avoid such issues and get the most out of what they’re studying. The result is greater understanding and success in learning, in the classroom and out in life.

Study Technology is a secular methodology for study, developed by American educator and philosopher, L. Ron Hubbard.

Some of our classes that teach this technology include: Learning How to Learn, Study Skills for Life and Grammar and Communication for Children.

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