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“Before I found Griffinwood, I’d tried 5 different Kindergartens for my son, but none seemed to fit. Within his first month here, Johnathan read his very first book. He’s now learning at a pace I’ve never seen before. He’s excited to attend school and when I pick him up, he usually asks if he can stay longer. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

David | Parent

“OMG! My 7 year old son came home from school yesterday telling me he is learning how to code on the computer! I’m like ‘say what? At age 7?’ He woke up today again telling me how much he likes this computer coding thing. Is this normal at his age?”

Gina | Parent


“I’ve been teaching for 8 years in both public and private schools, including one of the oldest and most prestigious private schools in Orange County. In my experience, nothing comes close to Griffinwood. The results I’ve seen here are why I decided to become a teacher.”

Amanda | Teacher


“We enrolled our daughter in a well-known, prestigious private school when she was in Kindergarten, and for a while we were happy with her schooling. When she started 1st grade, things got bad really fast. She wasn’t able to read, she was failing her spelling tests, falling behind and she was very unhappy. I enrolled her at Griffinwood Academy and the teachers took such good care to get her caught up in her reading and writing, and she’s been making steady, rapid progress ever since. She is happy and I couldn’t be more thankful for the teachers and the amazing reading program that Griffinwood offers.”

Monica | Parent

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