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Our Early Reading Program

Children are usually very interested in books, especially if their parents have been reading aloud to them since early childhood. We have found that many children are ready to learn phonics and reading as early as 3 and 4 years old.

Developing an early affinity and appreciation for books and reading is a primary objective in our kindergarten readiness program. Of course, the same attitude toward books and reading holds true in tutoring older students as well.

As far as the fundamentals to learning reading, we believe the earlier you start creating and developing their interest in books, the better.


We use proven, gradient curriculum that combines phonics, spelling and handwriting, coupled with hands-on instruction and of course, lots and lots of reading. We have an excellent in-house library with a wide range of thoughtfully selected, age-appropriate books.

The real key is ensuring children understand what they’re reading. In other words, we don’t just teach kids “how to read.” We teach students how to understand what they’re reading. 

One of the main reasons why some youngsters develop a distaste for reading or “don’t like to read” is because they’ve gone past words and phrases they do not understand.

There are several ways this can occur, including misguided instruction.

Teaching children to sound out words is necessary, but ignoring whether or not they understand the meanings of words is a common mistake. Telling kids to “guess” or “figure out” the meaning of words they’re unsure of by looking at context is another offender. Telling students to skip over parts they don’t understand is some of the worst advice one can tell a young reader – and liable to result in a child who eventually doesn’t like to read at all.

When we tutor our students, we advance and preserve their understanding without interrupting their enthusiasm.

Whether pre-kindergarten or the fourth grade, our line-up of reading materials is organized in the correct gradient that steadily increases vocabulary and literacy, while simultaneously keeping and building children’s interest in reading and books.

The end result is students with curious minds who love to read.

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